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  • Teaching Methodology

    Whole Brain Development

    Blending Chinese characters into a picture conforms perfectly to the Cognitive Associative Memory Method by which children learn and increase their memory outcome exponentially

  • Blending Chinese Character into a Picture

    The teacher describes the “picture” with lively stories that children are able to relate to

  • Picture to Imprint

    The “picture” is translated into a “imprint” to associate the “picture” with the corresponding Chinese word
    以“映图”方式将“汉字”与“实景图” 联系

  • Word to Picture Binding

    When students see the Chinese word, the corresponding “picture” instantaneously appears in their minds, aiding them to recognize & retain good memory of the Chinese word
    小朋友看到“汉字”时,脑海中会浮现之前所看到的“实景图”,从而将“汉字” 转化成图片,并牢固记下

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